What Will I Look Like When I Lose Weight?

What Will I Look Like When I Lose Weight

We are all dreamers in one way or another. Whether you fantasize about being a millionaire or are constantly dreaming about your perfect man or woman, we do dream a lot about what we want in life. Each of us have our personal goals and dreams for what we want to do and leave behind in this short life of ours. Many of us also have huge obstacles to overcome and sometimes things happen that you definitely did not expect. This is why you need to keep your head up and keep striving for those dreams that you have.

One of the main things that people think about is the way the look. It is just engrained in us from a young age, and now since the media has chosen what “beauty” is, we always are comparing ourselves to beautiful celebrities. We want to look skinny, we want to look great, we want that six pack, we want bigger breasts, etc. There is something we all want to change about our bodies.

If you are on a weight journey right now, you might be asking yourself: What will I look like when I lose weight? Am I going to look a lot different? Am I going to be the most attractive person around? These are all valid questions, and we are going to do the best that we can today to provide you answers and help you on your weight loss journey.

Losing the weight: What will I look like when I lose weight?

No matter what size you are right now, if you are on a weight loss journey you probably have a goal in mind of how much you want to lose or what you want to look like. If you don’t, we are going to encourage you to actually have a vision in mind.

If you are going to the gym, or beginning to lose weight, without a goal in mind it is going to be harder to keep track of your progress and also get motivated to continue to do it. So, write it down. It can be as simple as “I want to look like (insert name here)” or “I want to lose 15 pounds by next month.” Goals are going to help you on the weight loss journey you have ahead of yourself.

Notice there where we say “journey.” Weight loss is a journey, as there are many hills to climb and some bumps along the way. No one gets to the weight they want overnight. It is a commitment and a drive to actually look incredible and feel incredible about yourself.

To commit to a journey, you have to be able to face obstacles and overcome them. You have to be able to keep going, heading towards your destination, no matter what may be in your way. This is the only way for you to end up where you want to be, and look the way you want.

What am I going to look like?

The question posed at the beginning of this article is a tricky one, because how can we answer that for every single individual? Everyone’s bodies are different and when you lose the weight you are going to look different from someone else who’s lost the same amount of weight. But we do have a special answer to this question, one that we think is very important. When you lose all that weight, and when you look in the mirror, you are going to look like YOU. You are always going to look like you, no matter what size you are, and you are going to have to learn to love the body you have.

There are some people who lose all the weight and still hate the way the look. This is because they do not love themselves. Even if you are at a larger size right now, losing a bunch of weight is not going to change who you are on the inside. And you have to love the person on the inside, no matter what you look like when the weight is lost or before the weight is lost. Take a moment to look at yourself and compliment yourself, and you will love the way you look when you lose the weight. This is so important to do!

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