Why losing weight with diet pills in winter is smart

Why losing weight with diet pills in winter is smart

Most of us enjoy winter because it is the season of getting together with our friends and family, to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is a season filled with joy, giving and receiving gifts, parties and many more. But, there is one terrible idea that will come into our minds. We all know that during winter we will start gaining some extra pounds. We blame it on the lack of exercises and a large number of goodies found on the Christmas table. Turkey, ham, cakes and cookies and much more are just winking towards us. But is the lack of exercises and too much food the reasons why we gain weight?

The culprits of winter weight gaining

You will be surprised to find that they are not the only ones responsible. During winter, we are exposed to a bit more stress than usual. We have to run around worrying about finding the best gift for everybody. Snow and ice make us nervous as we drive, being afraid not to suffer an accident or jump off the road. The lack of sun and shorter days has an impact on our mood, not to mention that everything seems to be going on fast-forward at our workplace. All of these aspects are stress factors, contributing to an increase in the stress levels we feel. And when we are stressed, more cortisol is produced by our bodies. Cortisol will control our appetite and will also make us store fat in the belly area. So yes, not only we will be subjected to a season with a lot of food, but the increased cortisol levels will also make us want to eat, more uncontrollably than usual. After all, it is not just the plentiful and delicious food, but also the way we feel.

Lower serotonin and leptin levels

Like what you already is not enough already, there are more factors that are adding up to your sudden desire of eating more. Because the days are shorter in winter, serotonin is not being produced as it should, being very low or even absent. Now, serotonin or the lack of it is responsible for our cravings. Also, its absence will make us feel down, as it can trigger depression, another fact that will make most of us find refuge in food. Leptin is another hormone that it is being affected by cold weather. When we lack leptin, we have a constant feeling of hunger, pushing us to eat more often. Another thing would be that we get bored more rapidly when the weather is cold since it is not much you can do. So what are your best options? Going to parties and dinners, where you will find more food, once again. Thus, it appears that everything is pointing out towards some weight gain this winter.

What options we have to stop weight gaining?

christmas dinnerWell, now that we agreed on the fact that out cravings and feelings of hunger are overboard, we have to find a method to keep these two under control, if we are to stop our weight gaining and even lose some pounds, even if it is winter outside. Using reliable diet pills can be a smart way of achieving this. Why? Because diet pills work as craving suppressants, will offer us the minerals and vitamins we need to fight depression and have a state of energy, and will regulate leptin levels. Thus, we will cover all the previously mentioned factors, which contribute to gaining weight during winter. But, do be careful about the diet pills you chose to use. Look at the ingredient list and make sure everything in their composition is safe and natural. There are pills based on herbal extract, helping you control appetite and wash fats away without the use of chemicals. The point is to prevent weight gaining during the cold season, without endangering your health. As you may know, our organism is more sensitive to cold weather, being susceptible to colds, flu, and other seasonal illnesses. So it is not advisable to weaken it by losing weight in a reckless manner.

Choose your ally carefully

As mentioned before, opt for diet pills that are also able to support the functions of your organism in a correct way. You will hate feeling weak and being cold all the time, just because you don’t want to put on weight. Also, accompany the diet pills with a healthy diet, like fruits and vegetables. Even if it is winter, you will find seasonal fruits, like apples, citrus fruits, and others, which are great for your organism and support weight loss. Fruits are a great source of fibers and vitamins, like vitamin C, essential for keeping your immune system in a great shape during cold weather. So don’t put your entire trust on diet pills, if you want to keep your weight under control. The diet pills will help you out with controlling your cravings and hunger sensation, but it is up to you to continue the fight against extra pounds. When you attend parties and dinners, you can opt for fruits instead of a cake. You can take more veggies and be moderate when it comes to the roast. If it is turkey or another type of white meat, you can have a slice of small dimensions.

Besides diet pills and eating healthy, take care of yourself, to reduce stress levels. Had a rough day? Take a foamy bath instead of plunging into the fridge. Get pampered, like a massage or cosmetic treatment, since the holidays are coming. Do activities you enjoy, like watching your favorite movie, go out of an ice skating session, or find any other activity that it is fun for you in the winter season. When we are having fun and enjoying our time, we won’t feel hunger anymore. So winter is a time when you have to look after your body and soul, at the same time.

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